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I Don’t Know, Peanut Butter with your Spaghetti?

Well, this past Saturday is one that I surely won’t forget anytime soon. Initially, it wasn’t much different than previous Saturdays, I woke up and got on the computer. Not a great habit, I know, but I try not to … Continue reading

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The Mid-Autumn Festival

Despite the fact that today is the first day of autumn, yesterday was the Mid-Autumn/Moon Festival. I know, I know, it makes absolutely no sense that it was yesterday. I mean, there probably was a full moon but it’s not … Continue reading

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Kumquat Trash Ice..mmm, yum

Once again, my computer has repeatedly decided that WordPress is not it’s friend, and so here I am at school blogging during my imprisonment in the library. Now I can’t remember when exactly, but the other day my sister and … Continue reading

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My First Horror Movie

My unspoken plan to never watch a Saw movie was ruined when the PE teacher didn’t show up, the principal said “why don’t you watch a movie?” and a boy who calls himself Monkey decided to put on the last … Continue reading


Making American School Look Good

Well, yesterday we all went to get our permits for living in Changsha. Apparently I don’t need one, so I honestly have no idea why I went…we just sat around the whole morning. Not that we don’t do that in … Continue reading


We Crazy Americans, Saying the Opposite of What We Mean…and Find it Funny!

Well, life is not something I’m about to pretend I understand, that’s for sure. This week has been…well, you’ll see. I’ll tell you all about it. I stayed in the hotel Sunday and Monday nights, to my surprise. No one … Continue reading



Sorry I haven’t posted for a week, school was boring and gave me no inspiration, and then when I finally did have something to write about, wordpress wouldn’t work on my laptop, due to my sister hogging the internet watching Korean … Continue reading

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