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just a short note

I don’t really feel like writing a whole thousand words like I usually do, just wanted to let you all know it was Sabrina’s real birthday today, we went out after dinner, bought some clothes and then went to Starbucks. … Continue reading

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I really talk about Sang Min too much

Last night was fun. After school, Sang Min and I decided to go to McDonald’s for dinner because it was Friday, so we took the bus with Moritz, Gulia, Pauline and May. For the first time when I’ve been at … Continue reading

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Mountains and Turtles and Hair, oh my!

I’m home alone again, and happily surprised to see that my computer and wordpress have worked through their conflicts for the time being. I don’t quite know what to write about, mainly because today and yesterday have been extremely uneventful. … Continue reading


“Skyping with Midori”

My official favorite person to Skype with is… (sorry everyone!) ….. Midori. Oh. My. God. That girl is even more hilarious behind a computer screen I swear. The first time we Skyped was Tuesday. My computer has been having…issues with … Continue reading

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“For lack of a better title, Buying Things”

“For Lack of a Better Title: Buying Things” Once again I apologize. My computer has taken to being ridiculous when it comes to wordpress, and so I can only post at school…I’m going to email this to my friend Tyler … Continue reading

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